Experience romance and adventure on board the Love Boat

Quit your job, buy a ticket, fall in love and never go back.

I did it, and now I’m living a dream.

I left my home in Italy because I was hungry for adventure. I was looking for freedom, the kind of freedom that you can’t find when you’re surrounded by traffic, a stressful job and people that have forgotten about how to enjoy their life every day. I quit my job, gave up my career as a product manager. I said goodbye to my friends, not being sure if and when I was going  to see them again.

I started from scratch from a harbour in Genova, and I had only one idea in mind: going west. I jumped on a sailing boat going exactly in that direction.

It’s been a long journey, full of new friends, unforgettable experiences and magical places. But one place stole my heart more than the others, and that was the Caribbean.  I unexpectedly found my niche right in Trinidad and Tobago—and here I am still.

Since I left my country seven years ago, I knew the sea would be the right path to follow. I dreamt about it. I put my hope in it. Sailing with no destination and no fear, seeking in the loneliness of a voyage the peace to fight my monsters. Pure meditation with no need for anything or anybody.

I would never have expected to share this with a mate.

Sailing with no destination and no fear, seeking in the loneliness of a voyage the peace to fight my monsters.

I met Leanna when I first arrived in Trinidad, and after spending five months together, we parted ways. She left for her backpacking adventure to Asia and I returned to the Mediterranean to work in the yachting field. Once I’d saved enough money, I travelled to India without telling her I was joining her. I was going to surprise her without letting her know we were going to meet. Without having a clear idea exactly where she was, except for the footprints she was leaving on social media: pictures of new discoveries and temples, reviews of restaurants, new friends and their locations. Names of cities or regions that had no meaning for me . . . not yet. It was a trip with no geographical destination, the only mission being to find her.

Fast forward to two years later, already happily married and about to purchase our first yacht together. The sailing yacht Azzurro has been our floating home ever since. We’ve both endured countless hours working on her to make her what she is today, a sailing beauty that everyone can enjoy.

Go West has become the name of our business. We create memories for couples, friends and families who want to sail down the islands or share their stories while having a romantic dinner on board.

We create memories for couples, friends and families.

Here we are in the beautiful Trinidad, creating fairy tales for our guests. We offer several packages: our Intimate Dinner, the first of its kind in Trinidad; our private wine tasting with a professional sommelier; or enjoying a relaxing day down the islands, having fun snorkelling with the turtles.

I must admit, we’re happy with the life we’ve created for ourselves. Our plan is to explore the Caribbean some more and visit South America . . .  then it’s off to Central America, from where we will cross the pacific and GO WEST. We’d love to teach and share with others our sustainable way of life and we’d love to continue our business everywhere we drop anchor.

Visit our website at www.gowesttt.com, follow us on Instagram @go_westtt or search for us on Facebook at Go West Trinidad & Tobago Yacht.

Photography by 24 Frames Productions