Guide to spending your weekend alone

Gather your most fashionable items for this weekend, because we’re going out! Don’t worry if it’s on your pal’s list or not, and don’t worry even if it isn’t on mine. I’m sharing my best tips to get you through a single’s weekend. You don’t want to miss this. From betting on horses, to stomping divots – with a chance to win a prize, to brunchin’ it in style. I’m giving you all that you need to know. Call it a mini single’s stylish survival kit for this weekend. & I’m talking fashion baby! It’s “you time” redefined. So listen up, because it all goes down this weekend!

First up, the hottest horse event that the Caribbean has to offer, the Sandy Lane Gold Cup. Coming off this Saturday, March 2nd, from 12-6pm at the Garrison Savannah.

Let’s cover what to wear. It’s a casual event but you can dare to be different. I’m thinking elegantly casual, comfortably chic, spiced with a fabulous hat. My most hidden secret, how I like to do it, it with a plain outfit with a bold statement piece, and that’s straight out of the writer’s closet, quote me! Now you know my commitment to giving you the tips if I’m inviting you to my closet, so walk in.

 You’re dressed the part, stepped out and feeling confident, throw that hair in a bun, we need no distractions or diversions from sex-ay town – not today satan! Let’s find the best seat in the house… If you’re facing the ring, my tip to have the best view, is to be left of the main stand. You will have a view of the horses as they come out to be mounted by the jockeys, as well as a good amount of race starts, and the obvious finale line is in sight. 

Random two second read, sharing 3 Random Facts:

1. Sir. Michael Stoute – bajan, the queen’s horse trainer

2. Horses have exclusive dentists

3. Race horses love to swim in the ocean

So you’re basically set right? You even have facts to strike up a conversation. So, back to the important details…

Leave home with a mind set on what you’re craving. If I can’t choose what I want, I like to try three different snacks from an appetizer menu, appease myself for the moment, and indulge without the presence of the splurge monster. But you’re at the races, so your menu is visual, it’s mapped on the outer banks of the Savannah. It’s in food stalls, it’s set to a halfway wiped off chalk board, or it’s audio as the nut man passes by making his presence known. And can we really go to the races without having a snow-cone?

I really was just looking for an excuse to talk about food…and I have the perfect event for you if you want to keep up on your weekend swagger while dining amidst the creatives.

BIMHAUS this month will be nestled in Bridgetown at Josephine’s Café & Bistro.  An inspirational space full of others who express their creativity through their respective mediums. Don’t be shy, go get your feet wet and experience the island’s most expressive space. There’s a little bit of art, meshed with music and smoothed by spoken word. Some writers will be present, and you know we know how to gloss it up, with words to make you become entwined within our sentences and have you captivated by the punctuation. Snap a picture with the photographers who are there for you to inspire and for you to be inspired by.

BIMHAUS will be March 2nd as well, here’s an alternate choice for those who aren’t into horsing around (sorry I couldn’t resist). From 11-3pm, brunchin luncheon ladies. Whatcha you wearing? Heels, a bold lip and an entire statement outfit maybe? 

Fashionable  AF!

BIMHAUS was founded by DJ D.Luxe in 2016, the 3-year anniversary will be this coming May. It’s all about quality and inspiration to push each other to create the dopest content that their audience will love and appreciate.

And your last event, like the finale that it is, the Polo series finals.

 Holder’s Hill, 3pm March 3rd . Solo Polo it up peeps!

Here’s what to expect..

A gathered crowd around an arena boarded to define a measured field. The obvious expectation of a VIP section & general admission is available as well. Food and drinks, so come ready! Lots of chit chat and smooches. 

      THE GAME…

The game is broken into sections with a social halftime where people are encouraged to “Stomp the Divots” – usually associated with a contest – put your game face on, but keep it cute.

Want a way to strike up a conversation with a stranger? I mean you’ve done all of this by yourself for the weekend already, so why not make a friend? It really all depends on your surroundings, the spot that you’ll called home-base during the event. You’ll know it.. But ask a question, we all need someone to look for if all hell breaks loose. Bad joke, bad joke, I know. But.. what about..

1. Do you have a favourite horse?

2. Have you been a polo fan? If so, what’s your favourite location to watch?

3. For the females, introduce fashion!

But most of all, whatever you do this weekend… wherever… do it in style!