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Out-of-the-Box Date Ideas You Should Plan for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only days away, and we’ve created a guide for those last-minute lovers! If you and your beau have exhausted the romantic dinner, or you’re just looking for a way to surprise them with something different, we at MACO People have you covered! Who says romance has to be typical? Not us! This Valentine’s Day, ditch the flowers and chocolate for a date that’ll make all of your friends either wish they were on it, or that they had thought of it first!

Dinner on a Yacht with GoWest Charters

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While we obviously love a romantic dinner, this date takes things a notch higher! The real-life couple who run Go West T&T Yacht Charters put the goal in the term ‘relationship goals’.

Sailing away from home, heading for adventures with only the horizon as a limit and no return ticket. Imagine crossing an ocean on a sailboat – no engine, only the smooth breeze of a vast sea pushing the sails. Sunset after sunrise, a mesmerizing blue panorama as your only companion, and only one duty: looking curiously at the horizon for new lands to explore, dreaming about new cultures and food and maybe on the way, falling for your one true love… that is the story that drove Go West T&T Yacht charters to offer this romantic service for the past three years.

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Go West T&T Yacht Charters are glad to deliver one of the most romantic settings you can find in the Caribbean islands. Their loyal guests often call it the memory of a lifetime, and we can’t agree more! Imagine you and your partner, dressed like stars, barefoot and enjoying a glass of wine in the privacy of a sailboat in a secured and quiet harbor. Sounds like romance, doesn’t it? This is the daily routine of Go West T&T Yacht, serving you and your beloved with top-notch customer service, sharing their own stories about travel and discoveries, and helping you tell a romantic story of your own: the one unfolding right there on the boat.

Photography by 24 Frames Productions

Merging their love for the sea, sailboats and a romantic setting that only a quiet harbor can offer, real-life couple Fabio and Leanna came up with the idea to share what they most enjoy about life on the water and offer it to the (not-so) hopeless romantics at heart. Azzurro, their sailboat, became the nest for every kind of celebration that turns into the memory of a lifetime. Whether it’s a first date, proposals, birthdays or anniversaries, or even just because – a different night away from a busy restaurant. Staring at the stars in the privacy of a sheltered and romantic environment is the perfect kind of date night.

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With a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, 30,000+ likes on Facebook and more than 100 5-star reviews from past guests, this yacht charter based out of Chaguaramas is sure to impress on your next special date night. Fabio and Leanna believe in that everyone should experience this level of romance at least once in their life, and they’re ready to provide that to you!

Reach out to Leanna Gheseawan-Branca for more information at or (868) 746-5670.

A Night at the Carnival

No, we’re not talking about playing mas, we’re talking about a night at a good old-fashioned amusement park. As the sun sets and the night rolls around, there’s nothing more romantic than holding onto that special someone as you ride a roller coaster, laugh together in bumper cars or try to impress the other winning a stuffed animal at a way-too-hard game.

While it’s not the fanciest of dates, it’s certainly one to remind them just how much you love to have fun and how happy you are going back to the olden days. Sometimes the simplest dates are the most romantic, and we think there’s nothing more romantic than a kiss at the top of a ferris wheel!

Going Star-Gazing

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We’re going to say it: Trinidad has the BEST views of the stars, and why not use that to our advantage? A romantic date under the stars is the perfect way to show your special someone just how much you care and that you don’t need much to enjoy time with them!

Pack a blanket, pick a spot that’s away from the city lights and just look up! There’s something so magical about laying down, looking at the galaxy and talking about your lives.

Picnic at the Botanical Gardens

It’s a classic for a reason! If you’re fed up of spending money on restaurants and date nights out, then opt for something a little more budget-friendly. Pack a basket filled with your favourite picnic foods, – or maybe go fancier with a wine and cheese spread – a blanket and some music, and spend the afternoon laying out in the grass and just spending time with one another.