The Bridal Jewellery of Indian Royalty

As traditional jewellery of South India, the Kundan style of jewellery is always the most notable choice for brides who want a touch of queenly glamour on their wedding day. This is no surprise given that Kundan jewellery first emerged in the royal Indian courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, where it remained popular for centuries.

In fact, as far back as the 1500s, Kundan jewellery is known to have been in exceptionally high demand amongst Mughal royalty and nobility. The historical fascination with this regal style of jewellery has carried on right through to the 21st Century, and today, Kundan jewellery is available in varied designs to brides far beyond the shores of India.

Though pieces aren’t typically made of solid gold, what makes kundan jewellery so glamorous are the precious and semi-precious gems set in highly-refined gold. Some artisanal jewellers opt to set beautiful glass pieces in the gold rather than gems, giving the same eye-catching effect while saving you lots on cost.

Whether inlaid with gems or glass, the dazzling final effect of kundan jewellery is always the same—the perfect accessory for the bride with royal flair.