Grab an Espresso in Barbados

Café Moya

Tucked on the West Coast, this humble café exudes the most comfortable warmth with the ambience to the cover the circumference of the building with ease. There’s a “what’s cooking at home today?” feel to this location that words can’t quite describe – but the food will fully explain. The changing menu adds character to this quaint location, and the intimacy within the walls is desired by some who like to dine alone.

I’m so caught up in the ambient experience that the espresso was an add-on to my experience.  With a sharp taste and blends of texture to perfection. This stop is a must find for a fast espresso, one in-house or for one on-the-go.

Always Summer

A boutique with coffee bursting flavors. A simple chic location with a background secret only few know about it. Proud with the anticipation of what is next as I ventured into the store, I bumped into this café.  Always Summer is known for their fine linens and now their quaint café snuggled between prime examples of perfection.

Coffee immerses through the walls of the café as you sift through the linens, obviously a difficult distraction to ignore. A quick espresso paired with a chocolate chip cookie is advised. It’s interesting how the burst of café flavor is so delicately paralleled to the aromas of the boutique so seamlessly – calmingly revolutionary.

Blue Pineapple

South Coast troubles are swept away from the second you enter this comfortable  island style domain. Located on the South Coast boardwalk, introducing easy accessibility paired with picturesque beauty. Espressos beachside please! This panoramic view forces you to share your attention with your accompanied guests – you barely get a second to tear your attention away to skim through the menu. This location doesn’t make it easy to be social. But, as you take a second from La La Land, you come to terms with being surrounded with such perfected beauty and take time to be ready to order. Order something simple; a stimulating espresso to wake you up with a twist of ocean breeze that as it grazes your face, you start your our day here.

Wrapsody Café

Venture into the Historic capital of the island and there you will find a few hidden gems. If you’re bustling through in the morning, stop in for a coffee at Wrapsody. Paired perfectly on their menu with wraps, pancakes, crêpes and more, sits the commonly referred to – single or double shot espresso. Brewed to perfection and poured to its specific glass, this tantalizing quick jolt of energy is all you need to get your day started. Sit outside and soak up the view or snuggle inside the halls of the café. If you have some time, grab a M People or browse through a book. Of course, Wrapsody makes it easy to grab whatever you need to go!

Espresso at Esso, Worthing

Yes! The gas station! But not all… specifically the one located at the bottom of Rendezvous hill. That Esso Gas Station has mastered the art of the ultimate quick fix! I know you didn’t guess this one but please believe me, I won’t lead you wrong!

Bean n Bagel

Over on the West Coast is Bean n Bagel. Well.. there you have it. A coffee and a bagel please! But of course the delectable menu is stretched far beyond the obvious. With selections from a Mahi Mahi breakfast to the bustle of the beans brewed to the fine lines of an espresso. Designed to revolutionize your bland day and get you started to cease the remainder of your dose of 24 hours.