MANNÁ: Plant powered goodness by Manuela Scalini

It’s a new year, and a new start, and time to try something new!

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to eat better, and cut out all of the unhealthy junk food that so often plague our daily diets.

But sometimes you’re not sure how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your schedule. Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to meal prep, or you’re simply unsure about what recipes to try.

Luckily, Manná, a new line of plant-based and raw vegan ready-to-go meals, snacks and drinks produced right here in Barbados, is here to help you on your health journey.

Locally and internationally known wellness expert and raw chef Manuela Scalini recently launched Manná with the idea of promoting the benefits of a plant based diet, and providing healthy, convenient options for those who want to improve their diets and overall well being.

Manná offers a wide variety of wholesome options, including cold pressed juices, elixirs, nut milks, vegan yogurts, buddha bowls, noodle bowls, superfood salads, raw vegan desserts, and gluten free baked goods. Manná is proud to boast that that everything is made right in their kitchen, and they don’t use any processed or packaged products; everything is as organic and locally sourced as possible. They’re also very environmentally conscious, and so they use eco friendly packaging. So you can truly indulge without feeling any guilt!

Manná meals, drinks and treats can be found at Coffee Bean Sunset Crest, St. James, and select items can be found at the other Coffee Bean locations, such as Welches, Hastings and Peronne Village. Delivery options and pick-up from the West Coast are also available for your convenience! They also offer quarterly cleanses.


Both Manuela and Manná have big plans for the new year – in April 2019, they’ll be offering a course in in raw cuisine and philosophy in collaboration with globally renowned UK raw food expert Kate Magic! You’ll get to learn about all the goodness that raw foods and superfoods have to offer, among many other things. Plus you receive a raw food chef certification at the end – a win-win!

In May 2019, Manná and Kate Magic will be teaming up again to offer the “Empowered Woman Weekend Retreat” at the beautiful ECO Lodge on the East Coast. During the retreat, you’ll learn about female empowerment and how to better understand your hormones, your cycles and menopause, and how to combat stress and depression. You’ll also get to participate in yoga and group discussions about the topics at hand.

Lastly (but certainly not the least!), in November 2019, Manuela will be offering her annual wellness retreat to the Amazon in Brazil! Learn all about plant based cuisine, and take part in hikes, yoga and meditation classes, all in the heart of the beautiful Amazon Rainforest.

Considering incorporating MANNÁ into your health journey – you (and your body!) will be so glad you did.


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