Clean Caribbean Beauty Courtesy Cedros Bay

The distinctive scent of coconut; a vibrant tropical design; and the therapeutic effects of perfectly concocted serums all combine to create Cedros Bay, a brand new local skincare product that is all-natural, environmentally friendly and intrinsically Caribbean.

A part of the Coconut Growers Association (CGA Limited) family, Cedros Bay is the epitome of island luxe. Uncapping a jar of this chicly packaged product transports your mind to the very beach that inspired its name, while massaging your skin with the raw sugar crystals of the body scrub envelops you in a rejuvenating spa-like escape. Indeed, having sampled the products ourselves, we can vouch for the fact that the brand delivers on its promise to unleash your “glowing Caribbean goddess.”

“It’s supposed to make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise,” says Gabrielle Agostini, Product Development Manager at CGA.

The brand’s abstract coconut palm aesthetic in hues of Caribbean greens and blues adds to the illusion of being immersed in an idyllic paradise, while paying homage to its island origins.

Uncapping a jar of this chicly packaged product transports your mind to the very beach that inspired its name.

Launched in April 2019, Cedros Bay is CGA’s maiden foray into the world of high-end skincare products. The company has extensive experience in the production of quality bath soaps; however, this new brand is a manifestation of its quest to flex its muscles in a different market.

Under the tagline, “Clean Caribbean Beauty,” Cedros Bay joins an international movement of clean beauty products designed specifically for conscientious buyers who are as committed to the conservation of the environment as they are to the preservation of their skin.

“The person who will be using this is someone who cares about the environment and animals and who really wants to take care of their skin without using chemicals,” says Agostini.

Cedros Bay is CGA’s maiden foray into the world of high-end skincare products.

CGA’s Research and Development team spent the last two years developing effective formulas that uphold the brand’s values. After several iterations and extensive rounds of stability testing in the USA, Cedros Bay proudly boasts of being all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free and recyclable.

“I don’t think there’s another product like ours in the world,” Agostini states with pride, noting the volume of research that was done on similar offerings available in the local, regional and international market. “I’ve been attending beauty conferences and trade shows and haven’t seen anything like ours; we’re unique.”

While there are many products that can lay claim to being natural, or vegan or cruelty-free, Cedros Bay falls under all categories. Additionally, it is the Caribbean’s first skincare line made from organic coconut oil and the first Caribbean-based coconut skin care brand in the world.

Organic, virgin coconut oil sourced from the FA Agostini Estate in Icacos is at the heart of every product. Even the coffee used in the Coconut Coffee Body Scrub is sourced from a local provider. Combined with other natural ingredients such as sea salt, tea tree oil and shea butter, Cedros Bay promises soothing hydration, tighter, luminous, sun-kissed skin and cellulite reduction.

“We really wanted to make sure that the performance of the brand was great, so we did a lot of testing and customer surveys,” says Agostini. A fine brand ambassador, she expressed satisfaction in Cedros Bay as “ something I’d love to use every day.”

At present, the Cedros Bay line comprises two rejuvenating body scrubs, one silky body lotion and a minty-cool lip balm. Within the next few months, the brand will be adding a charcoal mask to the line-up and there are also plans to expand its offerings to include natural soaps, lip scrubs and hair products. They’ve also collaborated with a Caribbean designer to create a special gift bag that incorporates their aesthetic.

Cedros Bay is available for purchase online at and the brand will have a presence at UpMarket, and various pop-up shops. The items will also be making their debut on Amazon within coming weeks. To top it off, you’ll soon be able to purchase Cedros Bay in stores, resorts and spas across Trinidad and Tobago, throughout the Caribbean and, eventually, the world.