The tradition of having lit candles in your window during this festive season is different for each culture. Historically, when the Irish were being persecuted by the English, Ireland’s religion was suppressed. Irish priests were not allowed to hold mass and would hide in the forests until night fell. They would then sneak back into town to have mass with fellow believers in their homes. When Christmas came, families would leave their doors unlocked and a candle burning in the window to let the priest know he was welcome. This tradition has now turned into a simple display of elegance during the holidays.In Barbados, however, we use also use candles to bring the Christmas feeling into our tropical abodes by adding that Christmas smell. No matter where your family comes from or how they celebrate the holidays, the use of lights has become a tradition used by many to brighten up their home and make it feel festive for the holidays.

Looking to brighten up your home this season with a candle that’s just right for you?

Look no further.

St. Lucy Botanists produce the most beautifully packaged Soy Candles with Essential Oils, all handcrafted in Barbados. The candles burn for over 60 hours and will fill your room and house with an aroma which would put anyone who experiences the sweet smells, in the Christmas feels.

Our favourites?

1. The Abbey

Through the fields of Sugar Cane, at the end of the long driveway lined with Royal Palms, sits The Great House.  Under the ceilings of this great mansion, leathery aromas swirl and coral walls vibrate with whispered discussions.  A warm scent tinged with wood and spice confess stories of generations passed.

The Abbey pays tribute to the Great Plantation Houses and Jacobean Abbeys built throughout Barbados in the 1600’s; many of which are still standing today.

Hand poured into artisanal earthenware pots.

SCENT: A Caribbean Hymn of Cedar wood & Black Pepper with base notes of Tea & Mahogany.

ESSENTIAL OILS:  Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli

PROPERTIES:  Strength & Stability.  This rich aromatic fragrance includes oils with grounding properties, known to combat negativity.

BURNING TIME:  Mini candle over 20 hours.  Large candle over 65 hours.

2.Trade Winds

Look what the wind blew in!  Airy accords of Mint Leaf & Rosemary.  A fragrance as fresh as the famous north easterly breezes that put Barbados on the Map.

St. Lucy Tradewinds encapsulates the scent of the famous Trade Winds renowned for aiding sailors complete the long voyage to Caribbean trading posts.  Cool, northeasterly trade winds are prevalent in Barbados during the December to June dry season bringing with it airy accords from the northwest coast of Africa.

Hand poured into artisanal earthenware pots.



PROPERTIES:  Stimulating & Invigorating.  This pure cleansing fragrance includes oils with natural stimulants that can boost energy and increase the ability to concentrate during times of mental fatigue.

BURNING TIME:  Mini candle over 20 hours.  Large candle over 65 hours.

3. Sweetie Lady

This perfume rekindles the memories of the adored Sweetie Lady confectionary vendor of the 1700’s.  Recall homemade Ginger cakes piled high and lavishly presented on silver trays.   Ginger and orange combine to sweep a scent of of pure deliciousness throughout the streets of Bridgetown.

Hand poured into artisanal earthenware pots.



PROPERTIES: Uplifting & Energizing

BURNING TIME:  Mini candle over 20 hours.  Large candle over 65 hours.

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