Top 5 Skincare Products To Try In 2019

When you adopt a clean living regime to stay healthy, match that with the same approach to your skin and hair.  Here are Pure Source’s Top Five Picks to start taking more care of yourself naturally.

All of these products and many more can be found at Pure Source, located in Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown, St. James. Pure Source specializes in high quality natural skincare, haircare, cosmetics and fragrances as well as unique gift options and home accessories.

1. Deodorant

This has to be top of the list due to the link concerning antiperspirants and health. In recent years, one of our top sellers has been a brand called Schmidt’s, which makes a number of natural stick deodorants from a variety of ingredients such as baking soda, arrowroot, magnesium, essential oils and charcoal.  Unlike commercial antiperspirants, no pores are blocked, yet perspiration is absorbed and the essential oils in the product help inhibit sweating and odour. 

2. Natural and organic make-up

This area is one of the biggest growing sections of the beauty and skincare industry.  Since Pure Source began stocking natural cosmetic brands, textures, colours, performance and staying power have rapidly improved.  Brands that the store stocks such as RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis and ILIA Beauty are up there with the big names, have Instagram fame, are endorsed emphatically by celebrities and really work.  From the calming properties of an ILIA mascara, the smoothness of a Kjaer Weis cream foundation to the skin benefiting RMS Luminizer, these are definitely some of the best sellers in the store.  One of the main reasons for this is that customers are identifying the link between non-synthetic make-up and better skin.

Natural make-up is non-toxic, will not block the pores like silicones based products, and customers appreciate that when you invest in an eyeshadow, you should be getting a product that is as beneficial for the skin as the best eye cream.   It’s a no brainer and it’s the future.

3. Natural Facial Cleansers

Pure Source notes that almost every day, they receive customers who say that they wish to start using natural skin care.  You can almost guarantee their first choice is a moisturiser or serum and more often than not, they will leave the store without this product.  The reason for this is that the most important product to start with when embarking on a clean skincare journey, is a Facial Cleanser.  Whether the skin is dry, sensitive, oily or experiencing acne, it is the facial cleanser that can either heal or harm the skin.  For example, a customer with dry skin may be using a cleanser that is too harsh, making their skin unnecessarily dry.  Many commercial ‘foaming’ cleansers contain sulphates, a group of synthetic ingredients which make the product foam.  These ingredients strip the skin of its natural oils or hydrolipidic film which for dry skin, is very damaging.  Sulphates are also enormously disruptive on oily and acne prone skin.  As a functioning organ, when the skin is stripped of its hydro-lipidic film, its natural barrier that protects against bacteria and external aggressors, it will rapidly replace this loss by producing an excess amount of oil.  This causes a classic imbalance where the nose, chin and forehead become excessively oily and the cheeks are dry, in the worse scenario, acne.

In contrast, a natural cleanser particularly one which gently foams and uses natural emulsifiers such as coconut, oats, corn and sugar, is neutral on the skin, will not strip and keep the skin balanced. Which is why Pure Source advises newcomers to start with a cleanser and from then on, after a week or so of using that product, advise on other skincare they might benefit from.  In essence, a good natural cleanser will identify your true skin type.

4. Natural Shampoo 

As with a facial cleanser, a natural shampoo is more likely to contain emulsifying ingredients such as oats, corn, coconut, nuts or sugars with no synthetic sulphates or other petrochemical ingredients such as silicones. Therefore, the natural oils on the scalp which protect and strengthen the hair follicle and strand are not stripped and are left to remain there to do their job.  Regular use of a natural shampoo will strengthen the hair, reduce hair loss and reduce breakage, frizz and dryness.  They work on all hair types, but even more so on Afro Caribbean hair, which has little or no oil on the scalp or hair strand, making this type of hair so vulnerable to commercial stripping shampoos.

One of their bestselling brands is Rahua which sources sustainable ingredients from the Amazonian Rainforest.  Rich with organic and 100% natural ingredients its key ingredient Rahua oil, fortifies weak, damaged strands whilst nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles.  Furthermore the company will give a portion of profits back to the Amazonian forest and people.  Great for your hair as well as the environment!

5. Sunscreen

A product that is so important for us living in the Caribbean.  Recent research has shown that the chemical ingredients Oxybenzone and Octinoxate common ingredients in most sunscreens are damaging marine life and the ocean’s eco system.  When we wear sunscreen, around 59% of it will be washed off in seawater, despite claims of being waterproof and it is estimated that up to 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen lotion ends up in the sea and on coral reefs each year*.

Using a sunscreen without these ingredients, that is natural and reef/marine safe, means that what ends up in the sea is bio-degradable and will not harm nature.  Furthermore, as well as better for the environment, it is so much better for the health of your own skin.  Natural Sunscreen will be formed of naturally active filters such as zinc, titanium dioxide and even cinnamon as well as the goodness of other non-active natural ingredients. It will not block the pores, meaning you are less likely to get prickly heat from using it.

Non-toxic alternatives include Green People and Honua sunscreen products from Hawaii which are extremely effective and provide the same amount of protection as commercial sunscreens, if not more.

*A study in 2015, published by the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

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