Last Word with Amanda Reifer

The stunning Amanda Reifer is most well-known as the lead singer of local band Cover Drive. But she has taken a break from that group venture and has embarked on a solo project that she is extremely excited about. Interestingly, her talents aren’t only musical, as she also demonstrated in the earlier pages of M People Barbados’ Christmas edition that she’s a star in front of the camera as well.

You’re on hiatus from your band Cover Drive. Tell us what you’ve been up to. How long is this leave of absence and what are your plans during this break?

I’ve been writing and recording music for my solo project. After almost a decade of band life it’s exciting to be on a new journey. It’s been a real process of self-discovery working on solo material after being part of a group for so long.

What does a day in the life of Amanda Reifer look like now?

I’ve been between places for the last year—Los Angeles, Canada, Barbados. While I’m in Barbados, I spend a lot of time with my family and reconnecting with friends, writing lyrics and melody ideas, and filming visual content. I’m trying to get back into surfing; I really missed it. In LA, I’m usually in sessions, writing and recording or taking meetings.

What is significant about this time as it relates to your solo sojourn? In other words, why now?

I loved the years I spent as part of the band with the guys. We experienced and grew a lot together, but eventually I felt like I had grown as much as I could. After so many years, I realised that band life had become somewhat of a comfort zone and I felt compelled to step out of that dynamic in order to grow. While it’s not always comfortable, I think it’s important to listen to yourself and know when it’s time for change and growth. I want to define myself outside of the context of the guys, and say what I want to say in my music without filtering myself to fit into one collective voice. Having the freedom to do that is really empowering as a woman.

How does it feel to have something to call your own? Tell us about the song—who wrote it, arranged it, what is it about, and is it a different vocal approach to what we’ve grown accustomed?

It feels amazing! I’m so excited about the new music I’ve been creating and I can’t wait to release it. I think lyrically my music might be shocking to some since the content I’ve written is much more mature than music I would have released with the band previously, and I speak candidly and unapologetically about my experiences. It’s such a liberating feeling to be able to do that.

Life is probably totally different now that you’re not touring or completing performance obligations. Does it take some getting used to?

I love touring and performing so I always miss it when I’m not on the road. But I also love creating, and being off the road allows me to do more of that.

When do you think we may hear from you and the band again?

You’ll definitely be hearing from me. You can follow me on Instagram @mandaminded so you don’t miss anything. Everyone in the band is spending time working individually on things that excite us so it’ll be a while.

What kind of music do you gravitate towards as a listener and as a recording artiste?

I really love so many different types of music. I’m obsessed with ‘Energy’ by Skepta and Wizkid right now. I literally hype myself up on it whenever I’m getting ready to go out. Generally though, I listen to a lot of Sade, hip-hop and R&B, and dancehall.

What is your individual style? What should we expect from you after this single?

My music is influenced by what I listen to. I don’t really think about genres when I’m creating though, I just use it to express myself. You should expect more music in the New Year.

What are your plans for the next five years?

Just watch this space 😉