Healthy, beautiful skin is the common goal of every patient who walks through the doors of Dr Naomi Dolly’s Woodbrook clinic. Board certified by the American Board of Dermatology,

Dr Dolly has quickly gained a reputation around town as the go-to dermatologist
for the medical and surgical aspects of the field, as well as for cosmetic treatments.

Dr Dolly discovered her affinity for cosmetic dermatology during her years of training. Though her residency offered a very strong foundation and curriculum needed to practise cosmetics, it was not until her first fellowship that she saw this field in another light.


Faced with countless cases where skin diseases left patients scarred and disfigured, Dr Dolly began advanced training on the various modalities utilised in cosmetics, from neuromodulators to dermal fillers to laser and energy devices.

She stays current on the latest breakthroughs in medical treatments and cosmetic procedures
to help provide the most advanced treatment options for her patients.

Noting the close link between cosmetic dermatology and medical or surgical dermatology, Dr Dolly explains that separating the two fields is often difficult. “Cosmetic dermatology is needed both for patients who are ‘well’ and those with changes in the skin following skin disease,” she says.

“For example, certain forms of lupus can leave disfiguring scars and deficits in the structure of the face, [which can require] dermal filers to improve the contour and texture.” These improvements are considered ‘cosmetic’, making cosmetic dermatology “very much an integrated part of the other aspects of dermatology,” explains Dr Dolly.Her inspiration to specialise in this field came about in part from her focus during her training on areas of medicine that were in high demand, with minimal local providers. “There was a paucity of dermatologists in Trinidad,” she says.

“I felt that becoming a specialist in this field would help my country fill a gap in the health care system.

If her goal of advancing the medical community in Trinidad was not sufficient reason, Dr Dolly recalls a specific case of hers that solidified her commitment to dermatology. “After taking care of a patient with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, who ultimately passed away, I was convinced that this field of medicine was for me.”

Dr Dolly further explains, “Dermatology [deals with] the largest organ in the human body,” referring, of course, to the skin. “The skin is very important in the understanding and manifestation of systemic disease.”With two New York-based fellowships in complex medical dermatology and dermatopathology on her resumé, Dr Dolly is well aware of the profound impact that skin health, or the lack thereof, can have on a person’s confidence. She has seen countless patients enter through her office doors with low self-esteem due to persistent dermatological issues, making minimal eye contact at the first visit.

“These patients easily identify themselves as having a ‘different’ outward appearance to peers,” she says. Going on to describe the effect that acne, psoriasis, or any other dermatoses can have, Dr Dolly states that these afflictions commonly lead to “a negative image of self.” “First impressions are often lasting ones. We often underestimate this statement.” Following successful treatment, Dr Dolly depicts her patients as having “a complete change in aura and confidence. This is an aspect of dermatology whereby I can help to improve the mood and well-being of a patient.”

Dr Dolly offers a wide range of services and procedures at her clinic in Woodbrook, including the management of acne, psoriasis and eczema, vaginal rejuvenation, body tightening, fat reduction, and laser treatments for scarring.